Replacement Box SE-402-701

Replacement Box SE-402-701

with 3.5" TFT Display and Multi-Touch Operation

Replacement Box SE-402-701

After more than 25 years of successful use and more than 2,500 units delivered, we had to discontinue production some time ago due to components that are no longer available.
Spare parts and repairs are currently still possible for devices that were delivered in the last 10 years. By stocking electronic cards and components, we can still guarantee spare parts and repairs.
Due to the high quality of our products, program controllers are often in use for more than 20 years.
In order to guarantee the function and future security of your plant, we recommend for devices, which are 15 years and older (SN-No. under 21000), a change to current device technology. To be able to offer you the changeover to the latest technology as simply, quickly and cost-effectively as possible, we have developed a conversion concept for this purpose.
The requirement is that your SE-402 program controller is still functional so that the configuration data can be read out.
The read-out configuration is transferred by us into the configuration compatible and newly developed SE-701. Afterwards the controller can be installed and operated in your system again.
Since the device and function principle is almost identical, you can quickly resume operation and operation of your installation without much effort.

Please contact our sales department for an non-binding offer or in case of queries.




  • Low-cost repacement to future-proof technology
  • Taking over configuration data and programs from SE-402
  • Connectors compatible to SE-402
  • Short plant shutdown time because fast replacement is possible.
  • Replacement of existing SIEMENS S5 by up-to-date S7-1200. The S7-1200 is connected via MODBUS TCP-IP with the SE-702.


  • Ethernet instead of serial interface
  • 3.5“colour screen with touch operation
  • High resolution visualisation
  • Recorder
  • More user-friendly operation
  • USB interface for programs, parameters and batches
  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts over 15 years
  • Windows operating software (client) in company network
  • Graphical setpoint curve representation with time bars


Data Logger

Internal software for monitoring and saving of batches for up to 8 channels and 200 batches on internal SD.

  • Graphical analysis direct at the program controller SE-701
  • Binary data recording
  • Configurable headlines for additional batch information
  • Tabular batch overview
  • Transfer of batch files to ECS software


SE-701 Data Logger Curve

SE-701 Data Logger Log File Zoom

Software Tools


USER Software

  • PC software for operation of the controller
  • Operation on a controller from up to 5 pc parallel
  • Login code permissions

Client Software


Configuration tool:

  • Access on device configuration via pc online/offline
  • Tabular view of all configuration items
  • Up/Download of single configuration groups possible
  • Print out of partial or complete configuration in pdf format.
  • PLC-Editor for programming of plc functions in instructions list




Data Sheet Replacementbox-SE-402-701          SE7xx-Series

BOX-402-701 Installation instructions

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