SE-7xx Devices: Release for continuous operation

With the software release of the version V2019-05-13 the continuous operation for the SE-7xx devices is realized.

"Continuous operation" is required, for example, for continuous furnaces in which a temperature profile is not created by the time sequence of the programmer but by the product passing through several differently tempered furnace zones or chambers on a conveyor system.

Typical applications are e.g. ceramic products, where the raw ceramic is carefully heated up in several stages within a continuous furnace, then finally brought to the firing temperature and then carefully cooled down again in several steps.

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Delivery of the new hardware (TRG-07) for the SE-6xx industrial controllers begins

Due to the general further development in electronics, the CPU board in the SE-600-BB, SE-604, SE-607 and SE-609 had to be adapted. This results in the exchange of some files for compatibility reasons.

Information about the easy change from the device series (TRG-05) or (TRG-06) to the new hardware (TRG-07) can be found here.