Maintenance Contract

Software Maintenance Contract for the ECS Process Control System


The ECS software maintance contract includes the following benefits:

Premium Support Hotline (Telephone Support):

On ordinary operational workdays, on Mondays to Fridays during 8:00am to 4:00pm (CET).

Remote Maintenance:

On ordinary operational workdays, Mondays to Fridays during 8:00am to 4:00pm (CET), if the customer creates and maintains the appropriate technical requirements in accordance with the specifications of STANGE.

Adaptation of the ECS Software:

Independent of the existing REV, if necessary the first adaptation of the ECS software to the current version.
Includes the first update to the current version independent from the previous version, as well as in the case of the necessary settings of the existing application caused by great REV jumps. If an adaptation is inevitable, the PC and the existing application are needed from the customer for this.
At customer's option aforementioned settings can be made on customers location, only extra costs (travel time, travel expenses, overnight expenses, expenses) are charged to the customer according to the valid price list.

ECS Software-Updates:

At least once a year

Maintenance Contract Cost Advantages:

15% special discount on the valid hourly rates for services that concern the maintenance object (ECS) e.g. training, application extensions of the existing ECS version, etc.
15% special discount for ECS upgrades e.g. the extension 4 to 8 plants

If you need more information, please ask our sales.