Industrial Control SE-607

Industrial Control SE-607

with 10,4“ TFT Display and Infrared Touch-Screen Operation

Industrial Control SE-607 Features

The SE-607 controller is equipped with a high-contrast 10,4 inch TFT touch display. A 600MHz fast Pentium based 32bit processor ensures fast signal processing. A user friendly operation is achieved via the clearly arranged control dialogue and touch operating keys.
The operating system VxWorks provides an extremely high operational reliability. A IEC61131 PLC (CoDeSys) operates in the control which achieves the performance of a middle hardware PLC. The well-known advantages of CoDeSys such as fast setting, practical and user friendly handling and high performance can be benefited from. All data are stored on a Compact Flash Card (CF).

Field bus communication is made via STANGE remote CAN peripherals, optionally Profibus. The connection to a process control system is made via a TCP/IP interface (100Mbit). The integrated web server makes the operation through remote control possible via the Internet browser.

The requirements of modern furnace engineering have influenced the development of software applications considerably. Up to 50 control zones are processed by the control. The alarm processing stores up to 500 messages and displays these in the alarm history. The integrated recipe manager enables the creation of a maximum of 250 recipes (programs). The programmer processes up to 50 set values and 64 control tracks.

8 login levels increase the working reliability. The access privileges are defined for configuration and operation. Process visualization and a 32 channel recorder (option) are integrated as well. The provided OPC server allows access to the internal data of the control.

Application fields:

  • Furnace with C-diffusion calculation
  • Nitriding furnaces with nitriding potantial control
  • Vacuum annealing furnaces
  • Plasma nitriding furnaces
       ... and much more


Technical Data


  • Real-time operating system VxWorks for extremely high operating safety
  • Freely programmable multitasking PLC according to IEC 61131 (CoDeSys)
  • Program controller for up to 50 set values and 64 control tracks
  • 8 program loop with 9999 repetitions maximum
  • Recipe management for up to 250 recipes (programs)
  • Up to 50 control zones
  • Up to 500 alarms with alarm history
  • Auto optimization function for optimal control parameters
  • 8 login levels
  • Online language switching with unicode language support (Russian, Chinese etc.)
  • Freely configurable plant visualization
  • Web server: Plant remote operation via Java compatible web browser, identification
    with user password
  • Access to internal controller data by the delivered CoDeSys-OPC-Server
  • Multi-programmer for up to 10 units
  • Operating set value curve with representation of 3 set values and 4 actual values (configurable)
     with time bars and zoom function for the run off curve section
  • Compact Flash 256 MB for configuration and program data
  • Interfaces: COM (RS232/RS422), Ethernet (100MBit), CAN, PS/2 (PC keyboard), VGA, USB
  • Remote control via smartphone and tablet (Windows / Android / iOS) by VNC client
  • UL Certification (UL 61010-1 and UL 61010-2-201): UL file number E474526


  • Profibus DP-master/slave interface
  • Printer interface
  • USB memory stick
  • C-level calculation
  • C-diffusion calculation with hardness curve
  • Nitriding potential control
  • Batch logging with recorder function, up to 15 loggers for 250 channels
  • Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU



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