ENVIS Energy Manager

Energy Management ENVIS WEB

WEB based Energy Management System ISO 50001


All consumption data can be monitored with the ENVIS WEB energy management system according to ISO 50001. Cost centre accounting is created at the push of a button. The emergy management system (EMS) is quickly integrated to the existing IT environment and fully scalable to an unlimited number of counters or locations.

Energy management is the basis for the optimisation of the available energy. Recording and evaluating of all relevant energy and process data takes place automated by the web based software. Due to this data basis it is possible to promptly come to decisions and/or adapt process flows in such a way that exceeding of energy peaks is avoided.

The basic principle for improvements in efficiency is transparency. The more you have the energy flows in mind, the more potential for savings can be developed. Large companies have numerous locations, use a wide range of energy sources and own eine variegated infrastructure of measuring instruments, nets and data sources.

The centralisation and processing of all these energy data needs a highly flexible and efficient platform.


  • Quickly ready for use and itegrated in existing IT environment
  • Supports common measurement instruments independent of the manufacturer
  • Energy consumption is transparent for targeted measures
  • Visualisation and reporting for ISO 50001 certification
  • Automated monthly reports
  • Fully scalable, unlimited number of counters and locations


Key Features

General menu navigation

  • Start page with user friendly grouping
  • Overview of all counters
  • Counter measuring instruments configuration
  • Backup and data export

Integration in existing systems

  • Data import of measuring data (.csv)
  • Data export of measuring data (.csv)
  • Manual data recording, e.g. counter without communication

Load Curve Analysis


  • Line graph
  • Bar graph
  • Sankey diagram
  • Load profile analysis
  • Individual diagram adjustment
  • User-defined meesuring values per diagram
  • Storage of settings

Sankey Diagram


  • Individual definition of thresholds
  • Individual definition of tolerance bands
  • Mail transmission of alarms

Data evaluation

  • Output of sums, average values and extreme values
  • Create key figures
  • Energy consumptions
  • Specific energy consumptions
  • Energy consumptions per reference value
  • Conversions (CO2, costs, etc.)
  • Resolution in freely definable time intervals
  • Free definition of key figures

Consumption and cost overview


  • Time-controlled reports e.g. dayly, monthly
  • Event-controlled reports
  • Individual report contents
  • Mail transmission in common format e.g. PDF

Support & start-up

  • Training
  • Software set-up and maintenance
  • Support (hotline and E-Mail)
  • Update service (maintenance contract)


Product Pictures