Energy Management System

STANGE Energy Management System (EnMS)

ISO 50001 certified

Energy Management System

Energy Management easily configured - and anytime extendible.

The STANGE energy management system offers various measuring options, is freely scalable with simple parametrisation.
It has never been easier to integrate energy measuring instruments to your automation world. Whether for measuring voltage, current and gas, calculating power and operate values, for continuous monitoring of differential current or for intelligent reducing of power peaks for optimisation of contracts.

The products are not only coordinated but offer an easy integration of further energy measuring instruments by the on-board interfaces. Energy and production data can be linked as plant information. This enables to determine the energy costs per batch.

The STANGE Energy Management System consists of the following components:


  • Energy measurement according to ISO 50001 (current and gas)
  • Peak load management
  • Assessment energy consumption per batch (current and gas)



The energy measuring instrument EM-71 is intended for energy and gas consumption measuring of the existing plants. Trouble-free integration in existing PLC systems is possible via Ethernet. A batch related recording of energy and gas consumption takes place in connection with STANGE program controllers and control system ECS. Batch related energy data can be transferred to a superordinated ERP system, e.g. ams (from TTC). In this way energy indicators energy/kg can be created.

The energy management system ENVIS WEB according to ISO 50001 monitors all consumption data and creates cost centre accountings at the push of a button. All relevant energy and process data are automated recorded and evaluated by the web based software. Thereby decisions can be made promptly and/or processes are adapted in such a way that an exceeding of peak loads can be avoided. The integration into the existing IT environment is quickly ready for use. Common measuring instruments are supported independent of manufacturer and the system is scalable as required referring to the number of counters and locations. Visualisation and reporting enables the implementation of the ISO 50001 certification.

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